Re: My First Positional Measurements!

From: Bjoern Gimle (
Date: Tue Aug 22 2000 - 22:30:47 PDT

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    The observation report formats were discussed recently - there are
    programs to help you maintain the log! See e.g.
    If your obs' coordinates (14h52m24.3s 2024'14" see CeesObs.jpg)
    represent the star, it is not Epoch 2000.0. See attached
    CeesStar.jpg (14:52:07.9, +20:17:39.6) from Rob Matson's Skymap
    (Hipparcos catalogue).
    If you gave the star coordinates, the obs error could be large.
    If you record " 1/3 the distance to the star one degree away
    in direction 140 degrees" your error is likely to be smaller than
    if you try to estimate the distance and direction from the star.
    You could of course compute the position by linear or trigonometric
    interpolation , using this and the positions of the two stars, but
    your mental image of "1/3" may be better than the actual numbers,
    so marking it with a pencil or the PC crosshairs gives you more
    accuracy (you are likely to make approximately the same estimation
    error). See C:\TLE\CeesSampleReadout.jpg as an example.
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