Re: USA 129 multiple flashes (??)

From: Paul Henney (
Date: Sun Aug 20 2000 - 12:34:44 PDT

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    Subject: USA 129 multiple flashes (??)
    > Contrary to my recent obs of a long (>20s) flare, I saw six flashes,
    > all but one sub-second. If this was some other object, I am surprised
    > that I didn't see USA 129 trailing. If OTOH it was USA 129, not only
    > the flashing, but being 12 s off a very new elset is unusual.
    I observed USA 129 (no timing etc) at 20:38 UT on the 19th Aug using a
    prediction from Chris Peats site.
    I also observed a 10-15 second brightening of this object as it passed under
    Cassiopeia, also with a distinct orange-yellow hue. I note fom the recent
    BWGS program that USA 129 is listed as flashing.
    Sheffield UK
    53.3830N 1.4660 W
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