Titan IV-B and Lacrosse 4 payload are in orbit

From: Ted Molczan (molczan@home.com)
Date: Thu Aug 17 2000 - 17:16:11 PDT

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    The payload, which almost certainly is Lacrosse 4, is reported to have
    separated a few minutes ago.
    Two-line elements of the Titan 2nd stage may eventually show up on OIG. At
    present the next available catalogue number appears to be 26469. Presumably,
    the items from the Ariane launch earlier this evening will come first.
    For now, the ILAM-derived elements provide a plenty accurate orbit:
    T-IV 2nd stage   9.8  3.0  0.0  4.8 v .000
    1 70005U          00230.99602650  .00000000  00000-0  00000-0 0    07
    2 70005  67.9990  38.9490 0077642 170.2460 350.6130 14.79921162    03
    Our friends in Australia and South Africa currently have a visibility window.
    The Lacrosse payload may trail a short distance behind the 2nd stage for a day
    or two. Previous Lacrosses have had a pronounced orange-red hue. Titan 2nd
    stages tend to tumble, causing them to flash.
    Ted Molczan
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