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Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 13:11:56 PDT

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    although eg the IOD format lists timings to 0.001 sec
    most stopwatches resolve to 0.01 sec
    and most observers are satisfied when their trigger
    finger splits to an accuracy of 0.1 or 0.2 sec.  this 
    seems consistent with the info published on the seesaw
    pages on positional measurements.
    ie, it is not 0.0001 sec.  although I have been imagining
    a photoelectric timing device...
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    On 08/16/00 at 20:36 Pat Curran wrote:
    >Hi Chris,
    >             You wrote...
    >> G'day Pat,
    >>You must have missed Chris Peat's recent report to the SeeSat-L about
    >> setting up what you described for satellite report database on the web
    >> for all levels of observers at his Heavens-Above satellite site.
    >> Regards,
    >> Chris Wyatt, in Bendigo, Australia
    >No, I remember the post Chris Peat put up about this idea. I was just trying
    >to test the water to see if it could be utilised to get the beginners
    >(including myself!) more involved in actually making contributions to the
    >List. This would be far more lightly to occur if all List members felt that
    >they could contribute something useful.
    >A system of posting obs (with a graded scale of timing accuracy to avoid
    >damage by inexperienced stop watch keepers - again including myself!) to
    >allow all to participate with ease in posting observations would, I feel,
    >greatly enhance the List.
    >I know there is a group of advanced observers on the List who can interact
    >between themselves in posting very high accuracy timings and I admire them
    >for their skill and dedication - I have learned a lot about satellite
    >observing from these people. I also recognise that these high accuracy
    >timings are critical for the calculation and posting of good elsets.
    >I could be wrong here, but I suspect this group of advanced List members is
    >made up of less than 30 observers. With a List of over 650 (...?), it just
    >seems to me that more use could be made of the WOW! element without
    >degrading the 0.0001sec element!
    >Best Regards,
    >Pat Curran
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