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Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 11:50:00 PDT

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    reference multiple points for one sat, I too had the same questions,
    what I now do and what others do is to have a stopwatch that records
    memory splits, you set up on a known position and wait for the sat, record
    the split and then trak the sat across the sky and record splits where it appears
    you have a good reference between two stars or a transit, you then go back to a chart
    after observation and determine the locations of the other points.  some of us
    use tape recorders to record relative star reference info on the splits as they are happening.
    this seems to work very well as long as you are set up correctly on your
    first point, after the fact you can determine then if the sat was early or late
    and the location of your other points.  I rarely try for more than 3 per 
    sat, while others seem to see the value in the more accurate points the better, or that is my 
    understanding.  some of the OD analysts say they only need one accurate point
    to update an elset, I try for 2 or 3 if I can get them to double check my accuracy
    and consistency.
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