Re: Does anyone have SeeSat messages from 1996/09/09-14?

Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 11:21:56 PDT

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    In a message dated Wed, 16 Aug 2000, Ed Cannon <> 
    >A while back in trying to track down who discovered that Superbird A 
    >was flashing and when, I came across a gap in the SeeSat-L archives 
    >for September 8 through 27, 1996.  Some of the missing days have 
    >turned up via another source, but I haven't found September 9 
    >through 14 (inclusive) yet.  Does anyone have messages from that 
    >period almost four years ago archived in any way?  (If they are in 
    >Unix mailbox format, they can be "spliced" into the existing archives.)
    It appears I have the digest versions.  I haven't checked to verify if each 
    file is still intact, but the three I did check seem to be open okay.  These 
    were old AOL v2.7 (maybe older) files.  I could probably copy and paste them 
    into text files and email them to you, Ed (assuming they all open properly).  
    If you get them from no one else, let me no directly and I'll forward them 
    FYI, they run from Digest Volumes 96 #s 289-298.  #289 has two messages from 
    Sept 8, and one from Sept. 9.
    Jim Cook
    Germantown, MD
    39.2N, 77.3W  
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