Re: Central Obs Database

Date: Tue Aug 15 2000 - 14:26:20 PDT

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    > One way of bringing beginners and advanced observers together on 
    > this list
    > would be to create a standardised database for all observations and 
    > pool the
    > various formats that presently exist. I am not a programmer, but I 
    > suspect
    > it would not be a big task to setup such a database on a website and 
    > have
    > access granted to all subscribers of SeeSat who would wish to make
    > observations. If this did not work out, then a webmaster could be 
    > appointed
    > to run the site, take obs from observers via email or whatever and 
    > post them
    > up.
    As I recall, that is exactly what Chris Peats is trying to do at
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