Re: SL-16 Rocket (#25861)

From: Tristan Cools (
Date: Mon Aug 14 2000 - 01:12:34 PDT

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    At 08:35 14/08/00 +0100, you wrote:
    >a sat in the right place at the right time (mag 3.0),
    >but it wasn't flashing... I saw the majority of the
    >pass (S -> N), and it didn't flash once.
    >The next night, I also looked for it, and there it
    >was again, not flashing UNTIL it got to approximately
    >its max altitude when it did start to flash.
    >The next night, it was "as normal" (2/3 times/sec).
    >My question is this: is this unusual behaviour? I
    >must have seen it at least 20 times before & it
    >has never "not flashed"...
    Hello Mark,
    The reason of seeing a rocket body steady when you are sure that it is
    tumbling is that you are observing the rocket right on the rotation axis.
    I have seen it on several occasions with SL16 rockets and I even have two
    pictures when a steady behaviour of a SL 16(or J1 Zenit) transforms into a
    flashing behaviour.
    I'll try to put these pictures on my webpage.  There will be an
    announcement on this mailing list.
    Tristan Cools
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