Re: satwk33 report and photo's from Cluster II

From: Leo Barhorst (
Date: Sun Aug 13 2000 - 02:26:54 PDT

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    Mike Mccants sends the following:
    ----- Original Message -----
    Subject: satwk33 report from OIG
    > Internatnl
    > Designator   CatNo Common Name               Source LaunchDate
    > ------------ ----- ------------------------- ------ ----------
    > 2000-045A    26453 CLUSTER II-FM5            ESA    2000/08/09
    > 2000-045B    26454 CLUSTER II-FM8            ESA    2000/08/09
    > 2000-045C    26455 SL-26 R/B                 CIS    2000/08/09
    > 2000-045A    26463 CLUSTER II-FM5            ESA    2000/08/09
    > 2000-045B    26464 CLUSTER II-FM8            ESA    2000/08/09
    > 2000-045C    26465 SL-26 R/B                 CIS    2000/08/09
    Requesting TLE's from OIG I got:
    CSL-04 DEB                    26450U 99057KX
    PAS-9                                26451U 00043A
    BLOCK DM-SL (R/B)        26452U 00043B
    CLUSTER II-FM5            26453U 99057KY
    CLUSTER II-FM8            26454U 99057KZ
    SL-26 R/B                        26455U 99057LA
    CSL-04 DEB                    26456U 99057LB
    CSL-04 DEB                    26457U 99057LC
    CSL-04 DEB                    26458U 99057LD
    CSL-04 DEB                    26459U 99057LE
    FENGYUN 2B AKM        26460U 00032C
    UNK                                   26461U 00044A
    UNK    Decayed: 2000/08/08    26462U 00044B
    CLUSTER II-FM5            26463U 00045A
    CLUSTER II-FM8            26464U 00045B
    SL-26 R/B    Decayed: 2000/08/09    26465U 00045C
    So OIG has definately mixed up things; putting the wrong names at the
    26453-55; exactly 10 of from their correct place. The right name is ofcourse
    CSL-04 DEB.
    N doubt they will appear in the next modification section  at OIG.
    On Floridatoday/space there was a link to the BBC news site that showed some
    from the separation of the Cluster II sats from the rocket and their
    deployment in space.
    Nice pictures.
    Leo Barhorst
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