USA 32 obs Aug13

From: Wayne Hughes (
Date: Sun Aug 13 2000 - 02:45:17 PDT

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    After a week of thwarted efforts and an increasingly unfriendly full
    moon, 19460/USA 32 was spotted at about mag6  30 seconds early and about
    half a degree southeast of the path predicted by Jun 10 (162.91871138)
    elements.  Obs made at 4:05:35 EDT 45' south of Mirfak and then again at
    4:05:57 30' northwest of Algol.  Sorry not to have more precise
    positions and times - the stopwatch hasn't arrived yet  :-)
    The only other possibility using Findsat on alldat.tle was 10613/Cosmos
    839 AM debris which at RCS=0.12 and 2400 km would have run about mag12,
    not to mention that its passage was 55 seconds off and 3.5 deg too far
    Other observations of note:
    01001/Transtage 3 observed flashing from invisibility to mag7 or so with
    a periodicity of about 13 seconds as it moved south of Scheat west to
    east at 3:11:15.
    Retrograde 02121/OV1-4 at observed on time moving east to west just
    south of Alpheratz at 4:38:30.
    Wayne Hughes
    33.860N, 83.242W, 229m
    Wolfskin District, Arnoldsville GA USA
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