Re: Gas Release from H-1 Rocket

From: Eric Briggs (
Date: Sat Aug 12 2000 - 18:52:33 PDT

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    I got this private e-mail that's ever so concise on the topic, so I've
    possibly violated netiquette just to bring it to you.  Don't worry, the
    list doesn't accept forwarded messages as they are.  Thanks very much.
       I do not subscribe to the Seesat list server so I
    am e-mailing you directly with information on the
    Japanese rocket which vented gas in 1986.
       The date was 13 August 1986, at about 0200 UTC.
    The upper stage of the H-1 rocket which had just
    placed the satellites EGP and Fuji Oscar 12 into orbit
    released gas while passing over the East coast of
    North America.  See "The Great East Coast UFO of
    August 1986" by James Oberg in the Winter 1986-1987
    issue of The Skeptical Inquirer.
    Silas Cole
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    This is the silliest sketch I've ever been in...  Shall we stop it?
    Eric Briggs  
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