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Date: Thu Aug 10 2000 - 07:57:11 PDT

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    > I'm using Starry Night 2.0 to process element sets, but it doesn't always
    > accept my cut-and-pastes in NASA Two-Line elements.  I think it might be
    > connected with letters being used as well as numbers in some sets.  Why is
    The program should always accept the U after USSPACECOM no., and
    1-3 characters in the Intl.ID field ! Do you have an example ??
    I believe more that you get an extra newline after the last elset.
    This always happen when I copy from mails from Ted Molczan.
    Try copying via an empty text file, and inspect the result.
    With a good editor, you could have it show this directly.
    Even with MS Word, and Paragraph Markers turned on, you see that
    there is only lin-breaks after each of the lines, and the extra
    'hard return' after the last elset.
    With other editors, just move to end-of-file, and if there is an
    empty line above that, delete it before (or don't include it when)
    you copy it on to Starry Night. Check also for extra blanks at
    end-of-lines, which can also be harmful.
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