RE: TiPS tether visibility at 200 km

From: Matson, Robert (
Date: Wed Aug 09 2000 - 20:36:56 PDT

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    Hi Dave,
    > I asked pretty much the same question on 16 Oct. '98. How could the 
    > 2.4 to 2.6 mm tether could be seen at 200 km without magnification? My 
    > answer covered about fifteen or so posts, but none were satisfatory.
    If you dig back a little further -- to March of '96 when
    TSS was flying -- Rob McNaught explained the optical phenomenon
    (with a minor correction in a later post).  I also posted a
    detailed magnitude calculation on tether brightness, but can't
    seem to find it -- it may have been for an even earlier tether
    than TSS.  SEDS?  Anyway, simple solar reflection is all
    that is required to produce the observed signature.  --Rob
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