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Date: Tue Aug 08 2000 - 20:19:20 PDT

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    << Perhaps I saw a flare from Seasat-1. żDo you think that's possible? Is 
    there any flare-prediction program out there which predicts flares from 
    non-iridiums? I suppose these are most likely pretty dumb questions, so 
    please forgive me. 
    SeaSat will get bright from time to time.  I've seen it go to at least a zero 
    mag - primarily in the western sky for some reason.
    There's a good graphic of the object here:
    That antenna looks like a good source for a flare.
    NOAAs, DMSPs and Landsats are other objects that are known to flare.
    That being said - read the FAQ at
    and some of the past threads on how various objects behave in the archives:
    Don Gardner  39.1799 N, 76.8406 W, 100m ASL
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