newbie sees flare

Date: Tue Aug 08 2000 - 20:01:37 PDT

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    Hi, I've just subscribed. Please forgive me if what I'm going to say 
    falls under this heading:
    > avoid reporting too many 'I saw this satellite' messages without any 
    >'added value' to it. Yes, Iridiums do flare up, and yes MIR
    >*is* bright. But that's no longer news. 
    As I'm new in this I can't know if what I say has any "added value" or 
    you have seen it a thousand times, but yesterday 8 august at 20:28 UT I 
    was looking towards the zenit from 2.18E 41.35N , where a pass of 
    Seesat-1 was predicted. I didn't see any satellite (which is not 
    surprising), but I saw a bright flare, quite like an Iridium, magnitude 
    perhaps -2, moving South. I checked later and heavens-above wasn't 
    predicting any iridium for that date.
    Perhaps I saw a flare from Seasat-1. żDo you think that's possible? Is 
    there any flare-prediction program out there which predicts flares from 
    non-iridiums? I suppose these are most likely pretty dumb questions, so 
    please forgive me. 
    -- Jordi
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