Correction re : Lacrosse 2 partial obs

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Mon Aug 07 2000 - 02:49:40 PDT

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    Thanks to Björn Gimle for inquiring about a discrepancy in my Lacrosse 2 
    obs report.  Probably due to writing under the influence of lack of 
    sleep (which I'm doing again now), I wrote:
    > Lacrosse 2 (21447, 91-017A) ... east of Aldebaran.  It crossed the 
    > azimuth of that star ... at about 9:38:39, while my Quicksat 
    > prediction had it arriving there about 33 seconds earlier than that.  
    Apologies to Mike McCants -- Quicksat had it at that azimuth about 33 
    seconds LATER than that (about 9:39:12-13)!  So I made a 66-second 
    error in my report of that azimuth crossing.  Ouch!
    > It also went within .25 degree or less of (probably below but I 
    > already can't remember that detail) a +4 to +5 star at about 
    > 9:39:29.5....
    In looking back at all of this now, it appears that the star possibly
    was the +5.43 (variable?) HD #35943, Yale #1821 (maybe also called 118 
    Taurii? [using two different planetarium programs), RA 5:29:16, Dec 
    25:08:57 (2000).  This seems to be the brightest star in the vicinity 
    of where the satellite was predicted to be at 9:40:02-03 (50.5 seconds
    after the azimuth of Aldebaran).  
    Flashing geosynch:  The last two nights Gorizont 14 (17969, 87-40A)
    has been easy from here using my 10x50 binoculars -- magnitude up to
    +4.5 and visible for a long period of time, flash period 87.n seconds
    (two to three seconds more [I almost wrote "less"!] than a month or two 
    ago).  Its maximum is slow and sometimes seems possibly to be a double.
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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