Unidentified flasher

From: Mark Harris (Mark.Harris@southsomerset.gov.uk)
Date: Mon Aug 07 2000 - 00:07:25 PDT

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    On the night of the 5th of August, I spotted various sats:
    Meteor 1-9 Rocket, Lacrosse 3, Meteor 1-28 Rocket and
    Cosmos 955. Also, Iridium 67 flared as predicted. I also
    saw an additional sat; it caught my eye because it
    flashed to negative magnitude, then faded rapidly to
    invisibility before increasing to about mag 2 before
    fading again to nothing.
    I just wondered if anyone could tell me what it
    was, please... details as follows:
    Time: 22.29 BST (21.29 GMT)
    Sat moving: North
    Max altitude: approx 50 degrees, due East.
    Best wishes,
    Mark (50.909N, 2.789W)
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