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From: Daniel Deak (
Date: Sun Aug 06 2000 - 13:17:35 PDT

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    Hi all,
    Progress M1-3 has been launched today at 18:27 UT toward an ISS docking
    scheduled for the 9th at 20:14 UT. No TLE yet from OIG.
    Yesterday, we had at last some clear skies and I did some sat observation
    with a group of amateur astronomer. I was with my 6 year old son and it was
    quite cold so we stayed only for a couple of hours.
    Here is the only positional obs I made :  NOSS 2-1 C :
    20691 90 050C   1748 E 20000806022730200 37 25 0232500+891700 28 S+050 07
    Note that site 1748 is not an official no. It's because I was not home.
    Coordinates are 45.899 N, 72.433 W, 87 m.
    This NOSS trio was visible to the naked eye. Satellite E was easiest to see at
    mag +4 while the other two were difficult at mag +5.
    At last I saw TiPS after 2 years trying. I was able to show it to 4 other
    observers. The tether was easy to spot with my 20x80, its brightness was
    estimated at mag +7. The lower mass flared often to reach mag +6.
    I noticed some sparkling effect on this mass. The upper one was almost steady
    and difficult to distinguish from the 4 km long tether. It was a very interesting
    obs. TiPS is USSC cat. no. 23937 and int. ID 1996-029F.
    One question : When making positional obs for this one, do we use the
    center of the tether as a reference or one of the two masses ?
    Iridium 65 flared as predicted at mag -1 at around 03:29:30 UT.
    Daniel Deak
    Drummondville, Quebec
    COSPAR site 1746 : 45.8537N, 72.4857W, 90 m., UTC-4:00
    Site en francais sur les satellites:
    French-language satellite web site :
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