Re: Flashing geosynchs over the Americas

Date: Sun Aug 06 2000 - 12:55:08 PDT

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    After timing Gorizont 16 last night, I decided to see if I could find any
    of the locals flashing (Telstar 401, GSTAR 1 and GSTAR 3).  Within a few
    minutes I realized that one of the objects in the FOV of my 10x50's was
    slowly creeping toward the East.  Later, I was able to identify this 5
    second flasher as 94-080B (23416, common name?).  At a range of 12500 km I
    would estimate it was around mag. 6 at best, but it was difficult to get
    good timing because of the slow rolling maxima.  I also took a look for
    Gorizont 14 (17969, 87-040A) and was quite surprised to see it flashing so
    brightly.  Well positioned for U.S. observers, this is an easy object for
    anyone with a pair of binoculars and a few minutes to spare.  PPAS
    formatted obs:
    88- 71 A 00-08-06 04:48:03   SDL3372.2 0.3  36 93.67  mag 5->inv.
    94- 80 B 00-08-06 05:18      SDL 856.8 5.0  172 4.98  N? mag 6->inv.
    87- 40 A 00-08-06 07:03:32   SDL1758.5 0.2  20 87.93  mag 4.5->inv.
    Best and clear, dark skies.
    Steve LaLumondiere
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