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From: Paul Gabriel (
Date: Sat Aug 05 2000 - 09:02:38 PDT

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    I have been making positional obs thru fujinon 10x70 binocs.
    I have been considering purchasing a telescope on & off for
    several years, and would appreciate feedback (&/or web links)
    on suggested type and aperture (and eyepiece) for scope that could be 
    used for sat positional obs and also used for other amateur
    astronomy purposes.  although cost is always an issue, please
    include scopes in a range up to about $3000 US (although I doubt
    I will buy a scope at the high end of that range :)  Eg, is a dobs with
    more aperture desirable over a smaller scope with perhaps computerized
    mount, or are those the wrong considerations?  I live in a somewhat remote
    area so I get little hands on exposure to various scopes. 
    please reply by private email as this may be somewhat off list focus.
    Paul Gabriel
    26.24310N 098.21635W 33m (the stars at night are big & bright......)
    titan / win95C / Calypso
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