Re: What to observe?

Date: Fri Aug 04 2000 - 16:35:34 PDT

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    > I've been following the recent thread about observation reports and 
    > priority lists of satellites needing observations, and thought this 
    > is a good moment to tell the list that at Heavens-Above we are 
    > setting 
    > up a database which can be used to;
    > - enter observations using a web page interface
    > - list the observations in the database based on selection criteria 
    >   such as object ID, observer and date range
    > - perform on-line elset generation using these observations as input
    That would be excellent!  I encourage the development and maintaining of
    such a database, with an easy-to-use interface.
    > I am also considering a more general observations bulletin
    > board, where users could enter more "wordy" descriptions of
    > observations which would also be cataloged by object and
    > observer and could be searched by others.
    That would also be great!
    > I welcome feedback and will make the obs entry forms etc. 
    > available for review before they are finalised - I am not
    > an experienced observer, and so am counting on suggestions for 
    > improvements from those who are.
    Please let us know of the developments!
    Would it be possible and practical for observations entered in the future
    at to be stored there, and also copied to SeeSat-L?
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