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From: Wayne Hughes (
Date: Wed Aug 02 2000 - 23:28:20 PDT

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    I'd like to preface the following remarks by saying that I'm not trying to
    start an online discussion or anything, so I will be glad to receive email in
    answer to the following and then post a summary in a few days if that's ok.  If
    this question is indeed a FAQ that has no current answer, I'd be glad to write
    a summary as an answer as proposed below.
    Like Martin, I have over the last year gradually gone from interested casual
    observer to more interested in participating in data collection.  I too have
    found it hard to deduce from the formal postings of data how these data are
    collected and how the efforts are portioned out.  For a long time I couldn't
    figure out HOW people were making these observations; telescope?  binoculars?
    unaided eye?  The VSO pages are very interesting, but not much help except in
    the most casual sense.  I gather from the past year of mailings that there are
    assigned observing stations,  that stopwatches are required,  that some
    satellites are of more interest than others, and that there observation  entry
    programs to convert observations to standard format which can be posted.  I
    assume that observations of the same satellite are pooled among several
    observers to generate elements.  It seems to me that there is something of an
    anarchic quality to how these things are done, and while I kind of approve of
    that approach,  how all  this is done I have not been able to casually
    discover.  I'm not even sure whether there is a strong demand for more
    observers or whether the observing efforts are more or less saturated.  I
    assume that people kind of get all this information through PVT EMAIL and
    behind the scenes discussions, and it's true that I  haven't yet made a strong
    effort yet to do this.  So at this point I'd second Martin's request for a kind
    of formal summary of how to go about doing this.
    I realize SeeSat-L is a low volume list discouraging chatter and encouraging
    data presentation, and that too is how I like it.  But could there be an
    occasional posting, perhaps made along with Bart's summary of the list's
    mission,   of a sort of a FAQ that orients people interested in doing this kind
    of thing, or directs them to a page where this is specifically and in detail
    Thanks in advance,
    Wayne Hughes
    Martin Vičar wrote:
    >  I understood there is agroup of observers and smaller group of
    > data-collercters in SeeSat-L conference. I want to be an observer too and
    > help with satelite tracks determinations. And I have one question: What
    > satelite I should observe? Do exists some web pages with "wanted" satelites?
    > Or all satellite positional
    > measurements have the same value?
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