What to observe?

From: Martin Vičar (mvicar@volny.cz)
Date: Wed Aug 02 2000 - 13:35:51 PDT

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    Hallo astronomic friends.
    Today I had spent a hour reading VSO web pages. I understood there is a
    group of observers and smaller group of data-collercters in SeeSat-L
    conference. I want to be an observer too and help with satelite tracks
    determinations. And I have one question: What satelite I should observe? Do
    exists some web pages with "wanted" satelites? Or all satellite positional
    measurements have the same value?
    Thanks for short answer.
    Martin Vicar, Kurim, 49°18' N, 16°32' E
    Off-topic: Is some Czech or Slovak here? (mail me mvicar@volny.cz thanks)
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