RE: EarlyBird 97-85A

From: Chris Peat (
Date: Tue Aug 01 2000 - 07:43:06 PDT

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    > I've just noticed that the Heavens-Above website is still
    > carrying a daily
    > prediction for Early Bird..I thought that  this object had
    > decayed a couple
    > of weeks ago??
    It seems this object has certainly decayed, but we at Heavens-Above have
    semi-automated our satellite database maintenance to try to reflect changes
    in the OIG catalog. I just checked the OIG site and it seems they haven't
    posted this one (catalog number 25123) as decayed yet. In fact there is an
    elset with an epoch of 27 July available.
    I've now manually "decayed" this object, but this sort of thing might happen
    again if OIG delays posting an object as decayed.
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