TDF-1 Hawaii handoff

Matson, Robert (
Tue, 31 Aug 1999 17:38:29 -0700

Hi List,

So we don't lose TDF-1 (#19621), we need someone in Hawaii
to take the handoff from California.  This is a bright GEO
flasher (2nd mag), which should be visible from the Hawaiian
Islands centered on about 6:56 UT for September 1st.  Start
looking about 10 minutes prior to this time in order to
see the entire sequence (which can last 15 minutes or more).
The primary flash period is about 30 seconds, but flashes
are visible on the 1/2-period for most of the sequence.

For Tuesday night, August 31 (Sept 1 UT), flashes should be
occurring about 50 degrees above the southwest horizon,
10 degrees higher than 2.54-magnitude zeta-Oph.  Approximate
coordinates are RA 17h 02m, dec -3.5 deg.

Each subsequent night, the flash sequence begins about 9.4
minutes later.  Here is a recent TLE:

1 19621U 88098A   99239.75452075 -.00000063  00000-0  10000-3 0  2110
2 19621   2.4972  80.1534 0001369 108.7866 251.5744  0.99196975 36654

Best wishes,