Observing Program of the BWGS

Kurt Jonckheere (kjon@mail.dma.be)
Tue, 31 Aug 99 20:32:08 PDT

Observing Program of the BWGS

The Belgian Working Group Satellites has been active in collecting flash
period measurements since 1987. Our priority list contains over 370

You can find the latest overview of all flashing satellites starting
from the BWGS-page at the VSOHP :

or go directly to the observing program overview (list with all
NORAD and COSPAR ids of flashing sats) at

all latest observations from our database PPAS can be found at :

New in the E-mail archive :
- Updated overview of BWGS program containing
  all flashing satellites: PROGRAM.ROB
- recent observations : PPAS8-02.OBS
  [Watch out, this file is 140 Kb big !!]

Send a message with Subject: archive get program/program.*
  to SeeSat-L-request@lists.satellite.eu.org to get the BWGS program
Send a message with Subject: archive get program/sataug99.txt
  to the same address, to get accompanying notes by Kurt Jonckheere (Satorama).
Send a message with Subject: archive get ppas8/ppas8-02.obs
  to the same address for the last update to PPAS 8, containing all
  new PPAS-observations.
Send a message with Subject: archive get ppas8/ppas8-01.obs
  to the same address for the First update to PPAS 8

SATORAMA (sataug99.txt for PPAS8-02.obs)

Our observing programme can be found in the Program.rob file.
It is subdivided in categories, the codes of which can be found below.

b       flashing object for beginners
d       difficult to measure
S       steady object, potentially flashing in the future
?       flash period is unknown or uncertain
-       long flash period (>40 s)
!       top-priority object
	regular object
g       geostationary object
h       highly eccentric orbit (GTO and others)

2160(!) observations received from 26 (!) observers :

 AB     Tony Beresford          Adelaide                  Australia
 BD     Bram Dorreman           Achel                     Belgium
 BJG    Bjoern Gimle            Junibacken                Sweden
 DS     Doug Smith
 EC     Ed Cannon               Austin, Texas             USA
 GM     Gunter Monz             Peterberg                 Germany
 JDG    Don Gardner                                       USA
 JHR    Jay H. Respler          Freehold, New Jersey      USA
 JN     Jim Nix                 Memphis, TN               USA
 JPH    Jason Hatton            Strasbourg                France
 KD     Kurt Dequick            Bredene                   Belgium
 KJ     Kurt Jonckheere         Gent                      Belgium
 LB     Leo Barhorst            Ede + Alkmaar             The Netherlands
 LS     Lutz Schindler                                    Germany
 MJ     Michel Jacquesson       Sevigny-Waleppe           France
 MM     Mike McCants            Austin, Texas             USA
 MR     Mike Rosseel            Oostende                  Belgium
 PDV    Patrick De Vreese       Moen                      Belgium
 PM     Paul Maley              Houston, Texas            USA
 RE     Russell Eberst,         Edinburgh,                Scotland
 RGL    Ron Lee                 Falcon                    USA
 RKR    Rainer Kresken
 RM     Rob Matson              Belmont Shore, CA         USA
 RO     Jean-Pierre Rohart      Wormhout                  France
 SW     Sue Worden                                        USA
 TC     Tristan Cools           Brugge                    Belgium

Special remarks :

Top-priority objects :
66- 77 A !     2403/Midas 8-Atlas Agena D : flashing according to Leo
78- 16 C !     12908, flashing period going down slowly !
87- 18 A !     17527/MOS 1; flashing, period going down !!
91- 81 B !     21797/C1, low period again ?
93- 16 B !     22566/Zenit NEW, flashing again according to Jean-Pierre Rohart
94- 35 B !     23133/ Centaur AC76,  accelerating !
94- 56 A !     23230/Kiku 6 = ETS 6, Still Accelerating !
94- 68 A !     23323/IRS P2,NEW, started flashing, period going down !?
96- 15 B !     23817/Ariane 44P R/B, GTO, accelerated ?

NEW objects:
67- 10 B       2671/Diamant R/B, NEW flashing according to Jean-Pierre Rohart
76-126 A       9634/Kosmos 886, NEW flashing according to JEan-Pierre Rohart
80- 69 B       11933/SL-3 R/B NEW, flashing according to Rohart
84-106 F       15338/SL-12 R/B (AUX MOTOR) NEW, flashing according to Rohart
87-109 E h     18719/SL-12 R/B (AUX MOTOR), NEW, discovered by Ed Cannon
88- 81 C h     19485/Ariane 3 R/B NEW, discovered by Mike McCants
88- 98 A g     19621/TDF-1, NEW sometimes +2, geosat !
90- 30 B h     20559/CZ-3 R/B NEW,
90- 45 F h     20630/SL-12 R/B(AUX MOTOR) NEW  flashing acc to MM
91- 14 A g     21132/Raduga 27 NEW
91- 60 A g     21668/BS-3B (YURI 3B) NEW
91- 74 A g     21759/Gorizont 24, NEW, by Rob Matson
92- 32 B h     21990/Atlas Centaur 2A, NEW, by Jason Hatton
93- 16 B !     22566/Zenit NEW, flashing again according to Jean-Pierre Rohart
94- 68 A !     23323/IRS P2,NEW, started flashing, period going down !?
97- 12 B       24756/debris? NEW
97- 26 D       24815/fourth stage Proton,NEW, flashing according to McCants
98- 76 B b     25592/C1 NEW flashing
99-  4 E       25625/SL-4 R/B (1) Ikar ? NEW flashing
99- 10 D h     25645/SL-12,Raduga rocket/NEW, discovered by Jay Respler, faint
99- 12 E b     25653/ NEW, Soyuz third Stage Ikar, nice !
99- 19 E b     25680/ NEW, Soyuz third Stage (Ikar)  nice flasher
99- 22 C b     25723, NEW, Abraxis rocket
99- 23 B       25725/ Centaur, classified ? NEW, discovered by Jason Hatton
99- 25 C b     25732, NEW Fengyun C1 rocket, flashing
99- 26 D       25738/Pegasus R/B NEW
99- 39 B b     25861/ NEW,  Okean-O Zenit 2, bright, fast flashing !
99- 45 B       NEW, flashing according to Russell Eberst

Next deadline for sending in observations: November 30, 1999
to Kurt Jonckheere, Noendries 15, B-9000 Gent, Belgium
or by e-mail to ppas@lists.satellite.eu.org

All observations are appreciated very much.

If you send your observations to Seesat-L, please also send them
DIRECTLY to ppas@lists.satellite.eu.org.  This is just a
small amount of additional work for you, but it makes life much easier
for me.

Happy observing,

Kurt Jonckheere (kjon@mail.dma.be)
Observations collector of the Belgian Working Group Satellites