MIR position at eclipse

Dale Ireland (direland@drdale.com)
Mon, 30 Aug 1999 16:45:35 -0700

Hello Seesatters
Please help me clear up confusion about MIR's position during the total
solar eclipse of August 11.
There is an image of the eclipse taken by the French astronaut from MIR
the caption says it was taken at 12:13 Paris time with the shadow over
Cornwall England (10:13 GMT). However if I check with my tracking
program I see MIR went over Europe at about 11:13 UT. I am using recent
elements and working back, was there a big orbit change since Aug 11?
Could someone help me confirm if MIR went over Europe on Aug 11 at
11:15UT or 10:15UT it makes a big difference in where the shadow was.
I think the meant 12:13 Paris "standard time" not summer time, but I may
be wrong.

Dale Ireland
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