Element Manager V. 1.3.5

Rick von Glahn (rickvg@iex.net)
Wed, 25 Aug 1999 23:11:58 -0600

Nothing new per se, however I mentioned this improvement on a local net and so:


outlines a few changes. Most important:

Sorting element sets is now MUCH faster. I've incorporated a new algorithm that
greatly speeds up this process. However, it is extremely non-linear. The
progress bars don't really reflect progress any more. But I've left them in.
Even though they jump all over the place in seemingly random movements, they
are still a great indication something is actually happening. Sorts on my P-550
of 2500 element sets that used to take 6 seconds now take 1. This is probably a
best case scenario, so each sort will vary a bit from this speed coefficient.
But all sorts are much faster.

Also, there are some areas of the program where sorting is done in the
background to prepare files for different operations. These background sorts
are similarly accelerated. So, a nice performance improvement.

73 -- Rick