New all-satellite elsets file - satbase.tle

Alan Pickup (
Wed, 25 Aug 1999 19:52:16 +0100

Given that our single-file source of elsets for all unclassified
satellite elsets is no longer available, at least temporarily, I have
increased the rate at which I harvest elsets from OIG's server. Thanks
are due to Russell Eberst and my son, Colin, for volunteering portions
of their OIG daily quotas to this effort. Rather than keep the elsets to
ourselves, I am making them available within a new elset file,
satbase.tle, that I have placed in zipped form at

This file is 578 KB large, expands to 1.62 MB, and contains the latest
elset (in object number order) for all 8246 objects in my current elset
database. In fact, the database had to be restructured to cope with the
increased number of objects - one reason why my next SatEvo decay list
is overdue. The database is being updated from other sources, too,
including Mike McCants' mccants.tle (thanks, Mike) and the various
"free" elset files available from OIG in My updating of
this, and the generation and uploading of the satbase file to my ISP,
are not as fully automated as they are for the other elset files I
maintain, so don't expect hourly or even daily updates. Note, too, that
I have not yet (quite) completed my first updating pass through all the
objects and that many of the "line zero" names need some work.

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