Fw: TDF-1 sat information

M Armstrong-Smith (mcom@globalnet.co.uk)
Wed, 25 Aug 1999 12:11:27 +0100

Following the TDF thread I have three pictures/drawings of the TDF series of
satellites.  Note that TDF-1 is the same design and configuration as TDF-2.

TDF Schematic (32k): side view of satellite showing major dimensions
TDF-1 Exploded View (21k): drawing showing main constituents of bus and
payload module
TDF (57k): artist impression of satellite in orbit over France (original
coverage area)

If anyone would like these, let me know and I will forward them directly
rather than loading the list with images.

Background info on TDF satellites:

These satellites were designed as French national direct broadcast
satellites (DBS) for the transmission of 5 channels of satellite TV to
France in the BSS band (11.7-12.5 GHz).

TDF-1 failed in orbit a few years ago and I believe has been placed in a
safe orbit.

TDF-2 has one operational transponder remaining and although owned and
operated by Telediffusion de France (a subsidiary of France Telecom) has
been leased to Eutelsat and was relocated to 19W in July 1997 from its
original position of 36E.  At the time of the lease Eutelsat stated that it
expected the lifetime of the satellite to extend to early 1999.  Recently
Eutelsat has placed other satellites over the Atlantic and has transferred
traffic from TDF-2 and so this satellite is now probably defunct.

I suspect that the satellite that has been identified as TDF-1 is more
likely to be TDF-2.

If anyone wants more info on this satellite let me know and I will post it
to the group.

Mike Armstrong-Smith
Satellite Communications Consultant, list lurker and occassional satellite

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From: Richard Baldridge <RBaldridge@Filss.com>
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Date: 24 August 1999 21:09
Subject: TDF-1 sat information

Found some information on the TDF1 satellite at:

Orbital Slot:  341E (19W)  (no longer, drifting)
Launch Date:10/28/88
Expected Lifetime:7-9 years (exceeded)
Expected End of Life:1995
Mass (in orbit):1,318 kg
Primary Power: 3,300 W
Eclipse Protection: None
Operator:Telefusion de France (TDF)

Searches reveiled no pictures of the satellite yet.  If anyone finds
one, I'd be most interested.  Thanks.

Rick Baldridge   rbaldridge@filss.com