Superbird update

Matson, Robert (
Tue, 24 Aug 1999 14:21:01 -0700

Hi List,

Superbird A's flashes should still be visible in the UK,
Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium,
Monaco, Switzerland, northwest Italy, western Austria,
western and southern Africa, and just recently (and just
barely) Newfoundland.  Time is running out for Europe,
and soon North America will have take the baton.

Wednesday morning August 25th (UT) flashes should be
centered at about 3:10 UT, +/- 10 minutes for Newfoundland,
very low in the east-southeast.  Some other times and

3:20-3:25  Morocco
3:24  Portugal
3:25-3:26  Ireland, Spain
3:28  England, western France
3:29  London, central France
3:30  Paris, southern France
3:31  Netherland, Belgium, eastern France, Monaco
3:32  Switzerland, northwest Italy
3:33  Western-most Austria, Northern Italy

Flashes are currently occurring a few degrees east of
zeta-Ceti at roughly RA 2h 2m, Dec -10.1 deg.  --Rob