Decayed Objects - Again!

Patrick Curran (
Mon, 23 Aug 1999 19:00:14 +0100

Hi David,
                Thanks for the reply to my query on 'Satellite Pro' v1.6
software - it's nice to know that some things will still work as they should
on January 1 next!

Another query (I promise no more for at least a month):

A number of kind SeeSat-L subscribers have offered solutions to the
following query which I posted last week:

{Hi Folks,

Does anyone know of a software program to strip a Master Satellite File of
decayed objects?

My Master File, SAT.PRO ('Satellite Pro' v1.6), is now over 3.2MB in size -
no harm in itself - I am not short of disk space!, but I am sure it now
contains lots of  decayed objects which could be excluded.

When on a propagation run, Satellite Pro somtimes does report a decayed
object and excludes it from that run. However, it does not ID the object.

For the benefit of other 'Satellite Pro' users in the group, David Harvey of
COMSOFT ('Satellite Pro's Publisher - )
reports that the software is Y2K compliant but assumes the computer clock is
also Y2K ok.

Best Regards,

Pat Curran }

As you know David, SAT.PRO is not a plain text file and therefore, as most
of the software solutions to my query require the master file to in plain
text, these solutions will not work.

I would be most grateful for any thoughts you might have on how the SAT.PRO
file can be cleared of decayed objects.

Best Regards,

Pat Curran

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From: David Harvey
To: Patrick Curran
Sent: Saturday, August 21, 1999 6:13 PM
Subject: Re: Satellite Pro v1.6

Mr. Curran:

Thank you for your support of Satellite Pro. In answer to you question -
Yes, Satellite Pro is Y2K compliant. The real-time mode of Satellite Pro
does assume a Y2K compliant computer clock however. Propagation using the
entry of user specified date and time are fully Y2K compliant.

Currently we are not planning a windows version of this software.

Clear Skies.

David Harvey