Re: Ident please ?, also SL16,Iridium30

Malcolm Purves (
Sun, 22 Aug 1999 20:46:51 +0100

At 15:59 22/08/99 +2,Rainer wrote:
>Cosmos 1154
>Iridium 27

Well done Rainer, spot on !
I have got both of them looking good in Quicksat.

Also Iridium 27 plots perfectly with what we saw in
Home Planet.
I can not get Home Planet to perform Cosmos 1154
correctly. I dont know why.
It does the Okean and other Iridiums OK, so I am
a bit puzzled.

I have just downloaded Skymap63 and am about to delve
into its mysteries :-) to see what it tells me about them.

Many thanks for your effort and time.
in cloudy SW England.