Element Manager V1.3.4 uploaded

Rick von Glahn (rickvg@iex.net)
Fri, 20 Aug 1999 16:49:54 -0600

Version 1.3.4


Major bugs, minor bugs and a few additions.

Version history at: http://www.eoss.org/elementmanager/version.htm

Richard Hines discovered that ARK files were still not working correctly.

Richard also discovered a minor inconsistency. File Open/Save dialog boxes
sometimes had erroneous titles. If you ignored the title, everything proceeded
as you might expect. However, it was sloppy, so now EVERY file open/save dialog
box has a title forced on it that properly describes the operation about to be

The Update/Freshen option was broken when a previous fix was implemented in
another area of the program. It is back working again.

I've added an ASCII delimited text file Export/Import capability. Now you can
convert element sets to this format and send them to spread sheets or
databases. The import routines are totally dependant on finding an ASCII file
that is in the EXACT same format (number of fields and data contained in each
respective field) that the program exports.

The Launch Browser screen has been enhanced. You can now right click on a
button and edit the page name or associated URL. This should be easier than
having to edit the ineturls.ini file.

I've included the ability to add apogee/perigee data to line0 starting in
Column 50 as other programs can do. This is under the Utility menu.

73 -- Rick