Re: TDF-1 Naked-eye Geosat Flasher

Ron Lee (
Thu, 19 Aug 1999 19:50:52 -0600

I just listened to my tape of the 19 Aug 99 UT TDF flashes.
I have a few corrections.  My first obs (in binoculars) was
at 4:50:22 UT.

Several double flashes of the first surface in the 4:59:40 
to 5:03:07 UT timeframe.

Nearly equal flashes from both surfaces from 5:05:03 to 
5:09:13 UT.

I place the mid point at 5:07:00 UT on 19 Aug 99 (from Falcon,

Ended obs as the second surface bright flashes were getting dim
at 05:13:37 UT.

Ron Lee