Curtailment of satelem

Allen Thomson (
Thu, 19 Aug 1999 12:55:31 -0500

Well, the latest development in the never-ending saga of TLE availability is
that the source for the 8,000+ elset file has disappeared.  Whether this is
a permanent or temporary condition is unknown, but for the moment it's going
to mean that the satelem files on kilroy will shrink considerably.  I think
I can keep up with the major objects, i.e., at least A and B objects, plus
all of the satellites with perigees of less than 500 km or so by using the
remaining consolidated files and OIG's 500/day TLE requests.   The
exceptions are some DoD communications and weather satellites that OIG
doesn't carry.

A request to people who may be using the OIG TLE request service to obtain
batches of current TLEs:  Please forward them to me as you can for inclusion
in satelem.  That will help limit the damage a bit.