Two more SkyMap files arrived

Ed Cannon (
19 Aug 99 02:03:20 CDT

Well, I heard from Rob Matson Thursday and envy his successful trip to observe
the solar eclipse!  

Now two more new SkyMap files are available for at least a few days until
they're on the the regular FTP sites:

Replacement AUX file (329K):

Asteroid ephemeris data for SkyMap (76K):

Those go with the new SkyMap 6.4 (265K):

After a potential pair of whopper Iridium flares were clouded out Tuesday
evening, Austin had a very nice SW-NE zenith pass of ISS Wednesday evening
that went near the Moon and Vega in a beautifully clear sky.  And I saw a
really nice two-second -3 flare from OAO 3 (Copernicus, 06153, 72-65A) at
about 2:44:56 UTC 19 August.  I always look for anything with "OAO" inthe
common name (payload or rocket), because they sometimes are amazingly bright.

Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA

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