SkyMap 6.4

Ed Cannon (
18 Aug 99 20:27:38 CDT

There's a copy of Rob Matson's new SkyMap version 6.4 at this location:

Rob sent it before going on a trip, and he had said that there also would be a
needed file, but I did not receive that one for some reason --
which is why I waited until now to mention the main program.  But maybe folks
will want a copy of it now even if they have to wait for the needed auxiliary

There's a copy of SkyMap version 6.3 on Mike McCants' FTP site:

As was mentioned, that one and all prior versions (as well as Rob's Iridflar
program for Iridium flares) are at:

Based on Rob having mentioned that he had uploaded the files and had sent
e-mail about it (at least two or three or more weeks ago, I think) but nothing
has shown up there yet, I'm wondering if perhaps Rob possibly is being blocked
from the domain (as I am from my address)....

Speaking of Rob Matson, in checking out someone's UNID on the newsgroup I
happened to notice that there was a prediction for Superbird A for Europe.

1 20040U 89041A   99225.18565205  .00000051  00000-0  10000-3 0  1281
2 20040   6.5737  54.8153 0007440 121.0673 239.1474  0.99749035 36664

I double-checking just now I also got predictions for Gorizonts 14, 17, and
24, Raduga 27 and 33, ETS 6, BS/Yuri 3-A, and 99001, all of which are known

Congratulations to Rick Baldridge on discovering TDF-1!

Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA

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