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John Carberry (
Wed, 18 Aug 1999 21:47:23 +0100

At 20:55 18/08/99 +0100, you wrote:
>I was doing the eclipse commentary for BBC World TV from the time that 
>Cornwall was blacked out until totality ended in India.   I had alerted 
>the BBC to the fact that EUMETSAT were going to be posting images of the 
>eclipse onto their web site at 10 minute intervals, but they did not pick 
>up on that.   However, at short notice and maybe one circuit after the 
>pictures were taken the BBC was able to show a short movie from Mir 
>showing the shadow across what I assume was western Europe.   From where 
>I was in the studio there wasn't a good view of the TV monitor but the 
>pictures didn't look to be high quality.

They had a pretty good (IMHO) "movie" made from satellite images on Sky
News showing the shadow moving across Europe. I think it may actually have
been shown during a weather report! They didn't say what satellite the
images came from.

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