Re: SL-16 rockets

Björn Gimle (
Wed, 18 Aug 1999 07:20:18 +0200

SL-16 is also called Zenith-2. They are tumbling because they are thought
to vent excessive fuel after delivering the satellite(s), to avoid
later explosions spreading debris in long-lived orbits. Most have a
tumble period of around 0.4 sec after launch, but it lengthens quickly.

If you use the mccants.tle file (formerly molczan.tle) you can find most
Zenith-2s by seaching for "  10.4 " (the length of the rocket in m.)

> question is: Are these things really rockets? I'd be interested in reading 
> about them. Also why are they tumbling? I know all of you bright people out