87-109E tumbling

Ed Cannon (edcannonutaustin@netscape.net)
17 Aug 99 03:34:44 CDT

I didn't find this one in online PPAS so thought I ought to report it.  Early
16 August UTC (Sunday evening local time) I observed 87-109E (18719, Ekran 17
Ullage) tumbling and, in spite of a stopwatch mistake later that lost 6
clicks, still managed to get a total of nine cycles.  This was a binocular
observation; it was on perigee (about 350 km) and moving really fast; the
maxima seemed brighter than the predicted +4.5:

87-109 E 99-08-16 02:15:16   EC   28.6 0.3   9  3.18  mag +4->inv

Ed Cannon - ecannon@mail.utexas.edu - Austin, Texas, USA