Depletion burn observed

Daniel Deak (
Tue, 17 Aug 1999 03:13:06 -0400

Hi everybody,

      Thanks to Ron's info, I managed to watch the Delta depletion
burn at the last minute. I went to sleep an hour before the event
because of the cloud cover. I woke up 10 minutes before the
event just in case the sky was clear and it miraculously was !

      I rushed outside with binocs and tape recorder and watched
the event. I missed the very beginning of the burn the time I switched
from my 7x35 binocs to my 20x80 on a tripod. When I acquired the
rocket, what I saw was so impressive ! It looked like a horn of plenty
roughly parallel to the horizon with its right tip curved to reach the rocket
which was at mag 4 or 5. It was 1 degree in size at first and grew
rapidly to 5 degrees while getting more diffuse and following the rocket.

      I will put a drawing of what I saw on my web site sometime tonight
or tomorrow because I'm working all day and evening. For now, I'll
go to bed for a few hours sleep.


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