Delta II/Globalstar Depletion Burn Seen

Jake Rees (
Tue, 17 Aug 1999 00:12:11 -0700

Information posted by Ron Lee indicated that the depletion burn was to
happen at 06:33:31 UTC Aug. 17 (Aug.16 local).  It was to have been about at
Az.60 El.11.  I looked at about that time in that spot using 7x35
binoculars.  I saw a faint cloud which dissipated in a few seconds.  This
was in an urban area with street lights.  I may have missed the beginning of
it but it had to be the depletion burn since it was only visible for a few
seconds.   It certainly would not have been noticed except by someone
looking directly at that spot with binoculars.   I had to walk to a street
bordering on an athletic field near my house to get a view that close to the
horizon..  Two guys pulled up in a pick-up truck in front of their house
just as the cloud appeared.  I would have told them what I was looking at
but they didn't ask.  I guess they just weren't into observing depletion
burns.  Strange.  Well, to each his own.

I had watched the launch television feed on my satellite dish at 04:37 UTC.

--  Jake Rees
     Burbank, California, USA