Globalstar evasive and depletion burns

Randy John (
Tue, 17 Aug 1999 07:00:11 -0000

I decided to watch these burns through a 4 inch refractor
with a 1.3 degree FOV.

The evasive burn was 25 degrees above the horizon and 2500 km
away.  I may or may not have seen this.  I thought I saw a
very faint star at the right place and at approximately the
right time.  It was only briefly seen and I certainly can't
claim a positive ID.

The depletion burn was less than 10 degrees above the horizon
and 3500 km away.  I did not find it until the burn was well
underway.  This seemed fainter than the last one (I didn't look
at 1x).  The curved Christmas tree had one more feature.  A
flat base separate from the tree itself.  I interpret this as
the actual burn whereas the Christmas tree is the fuel dump.

122.074074W 37.940315N 24m