17 Aug Delta/Globalstar Reminder

Ron Lee (ronlee@pcisys.net)
Sun, 15 Aug 1999 19:28:37 -0600

GLOBALSTAR, 17 Aug 99, 04:37:41 UT Launch
1 99999U 990XXA   99229.26065240 -.00000107  00000-0  00000+0 0    11
2 99999  51.9972 291.3294 0008016 299.9888  59.7457 12.72889733    05

Launch window is only three minutes long. Assuming on time launch,
the evasive burn is from 6:26:01-6:26:06 UT (1h 28m 20s after launch).
I believe it occurs while in Earth shadow so I cannot tell you what
to expect.

The depletion burn occurs 7.5 minutes later or 6:33:31-6:33:7.8 UT. 
That occurs just after becoming sunlit.  Based on my last obs of this
type launch, expect a faint plume at the beginning and end of the burn
followed almost immediately by a bright white plume which I believe is
the excess propellants being dumped. It is possible you may see a 
curving of the trail as the rocket slowly rotates.

This event occurs in the Great Lakes region so observers there should
be able to see it at high elevations.  I can see it in Colorado USA
so others throughout the USA and Canada should check for local visibility.

Note that the elset is for the Globalstars.  The rocket is perhaps 0.5
to 1 degree more easterly from my perspective.

Ron Lee