Decay Alert SOYUZ RB

Harro.Zimmer (
Sun, 15 Aug 1999 18:46:25 +0200

Report time 16:00 UTC

1999-004E (#25625) SOYUZ R/B

SpacComs last update - prepared August 14, 17:06 UTC - shows a decay at
                       August 16, 15:15 UTC +/- 01 day (50.9S, 104.2E)

With the last ELSETs 99227.180... -  99227.548.... MPM predicts
                       August 16, 17:01 UTC +/- 03 hours (13.8S, 139.8E)
The solar and also the geomagnetic activity is low. We have again a slow decay.

The American Seesaters on the westcoast have a possibility to watch one of the 
very last orbits or the final (?) orbit. Around 12:50 UTC (August 16) the RB 
cross the Mexican / US border on its northbound pass over California, Arizona, 
Colorado, Nebraska ect.
Also the next pass shows a small chance - again around the westcoast:
The SOYUZ RB cross the coastline at Eureka about 14:22 UTC on its northbound 
An update will follows.

Berlin, Germany