Decay watch: August 14

Alan Pickup (
Sat, 14 Aug 1999 21:53:57 +0100

I returned from my solar eclipse trip today having observed (and
marvelled at) the event under cloudless skies from the Black Sea coast
of NE Bulgaria. It seems that my faith in the English weather was
justified :(

I have just posted the first update since August 6 to my Decay Watch
page at

This has my updated prediction for the decay of #25625, the Globalstar
36 Soyuz rocket, at August 16 12:35 UTC +-10h. This now enters eclipse
in the Earth's shadow while southbound near 43 deg S latitude at about
18:30 local time, with eclipse exit while northbound near 20 deg N at
05:00 local time.

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