James Husnay Sr. (
Fri, 13 Aug 1999 18:16:12 -0400

Was out and about last evening 8/12 and early morning 8/13 to watch the
Perseid's. Big disappointment here in Central New York State, at least
for me. Did get to see SL-16 for the second time. At 36 to 40 degrees
El. at 21:17:50 EDT. 1st time was about 2 weeks ago. This time with
12X50 binos. I'm upset I didn't try to take the time for timing the
flash period. Probably my imagination but SL-16 did seem slower. Is that
possible in such a short span of time, 10 to 14 days. Has anyone been
able to get an actual count yet?? And has the tumbling been steady,
increasing or decreasing?

Has any other "naked eye" RB or satellite ever tumbled as fast as this
one is? And what causes it to tumble in such an out of control speed?
Thanks in advance.

For those who haven't seen SL-16 your in for a treat.