Obs 12/13 Aug

Fri, 13 Aug 1999 10:54:42 -0600 (MDT)

A few clouds but mostly Aurora haze covered my main viewing area last night
however several objects were seen and here are the unusual ones:

I was able to see ERS-1 #21574 91050A make a visible pass at 04:40:28 13 Aug
UTC +/- 2 sec less than 1 degree above (West) Gienah Cygni. Az 120 deg El 60
deg (approx). Mag 3.5 and i expected it to fade out but it remained visible
for a long time until it vanished into some Aurora haze and clouds.

Iridium 60 #25276 98019E flared to -7 with a brief peak to -8. 05:18:03 13
Aug UTC. Az 033 deg El 25 deg. RA 3.79h Dec 52.52 deg.

Once i observed the objects i wanted to see, i sat back and watched the
Perseids. 20 were seen in a 2 hr period but the Aurora haze didn't help the
viewing conditions.