an unusual sighting
Fri, 13 Aug 1999 11:32:14 EDT

There was a break in the clouds here at 3a.m. to look for the meteors. We saw 
43 in just 25 mins before the clouds started to fill back in. At around 
3:45a.m. CDT we saw 3 satellites coming out of the western sky at about 70 
degrees high.They were traveling to the north. The unusaul thing is that they 
were traveling in a triangular formation. When I first spotted them, it 
appeared as if a constellation was moving!
I would estimate the brightness at about a +5 magnitute.  There were 3 people 
in my group who all saw the same thing, so it wasn't my imagination. They 
certainly looked like satellites and not planes.(no colored lights or noise) 
But could this have actually been satellites? I would appreciate any of your 
thoughts on what we saw.
Thanks, Sherry Underhill
          41.85 degrees N   87.65 degrees W